Looking so lush heading into Summer....

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:27 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Oh how I love a summer garden!  The flowers bloom, plants grow, those pesky white butterfly become more common, but best of all the gardens look full of fruit, vegetables and flowers!

The glasshouse is amazing, but outside is definitely blooming too. Some early flops, but everything is looking good.


The Fourishes in the outdoor spaces:

Tomatoes - indoors and out! All looking amazing. Everywhere amazing!

Peas - really taking off now. Hoping for a Christmas day haul!

Beans - I've beaten the slugs and snails and have climbers. I planted slightly too early but have a come back

Carrots - looking awesome! new spot, and seem to be happy

Mini Cabbages - looking cute and mini...butterfly also interested ...

Chilli's - over-wintered them and they're making a comeback for another summer - Yay! 

Potatos - eating them daily, ordered more in the Black Friday sales and super happy with their new dedicated space.

Walking Onions - I have flowers so hopefully I get some walkers soon..... so looking forwarded to this fun veggie!  

Celery - young but happy

Sunflowers - beat the snails/slugs and getting BIG .....

Foxglove - the 2nd year love as they're flowering first time after growing from seed.....and they're so pretty!


The potential Flops in outdoor spaces

Corn - A little slow to take, also trodden on by a Labrador...hang in there Corn, we love you

Zucchini - no change on the earlier reports on zucchini. Hoping heat and hope will turn them around

Garlic - technically not a 'flop' as there's NO RUST this year! Yay... but I carefully dug around one today to see how the 'bulbing' is going...and it looks a little disappointing..... Maybe still too early?

Shallots - also good NO RUST. No serious bulbing that I can see, though I didn't dig around those

Any noteable flourishes and flops in your gardens?

Looking so lush heading into Summer....