Love when plans come together

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:17 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Its been a massive week and a very productive weekend .

A lovely farmers market I had such a colorful stall lots of gardening chat .

Hubby rotary hoed a row in the flower field while I tackled some of the over grown grass .

We got more done on our fort knoxs vege garden cover , to say I am excited that the chickens will not be able to distroy it is an understatement .

The strawberry pop corn is up and Jamison is most excited about this and confirmed yesterday he would in fact like to become a good gardener , yay this makes me so happy and I sure help it continues 

I spent Saturday afternoon weeding the gardens around the house , it amazes me how fast the weeds grow this time of year , but thankfully with the nice deep muulch they come out pretty easy and I quicky overfilled our very large wheel barrow .

Plus Sunday was our 6 year wedding anniversary so we had a little celebration , 6 years on saying I do was the best decision ever :) 

Love when plans come together