Making the most of the time we have


Date:17 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

After spending time away visiting family in the bay last week, we were lucky enough to have our niece embark on her first solo flight and come visit us in Christchurch!


Two years ago when she was last here she planted a pansy plant in our veggie garden, and it has self-sewn each year so we were able to find the ‘same’ plant she planted which was fun, and when we checked on the seedlings I noticed that my sunflowers were very ready to be transplanted, which I had been holding off due to the yuck weather, so we got stuck into transplanting them, and made another video giving some transplanting tips - she truly was a natural!


I find it such a privilege to be able to instill some ‘seeds’ into the next generation - I’ve promised her updates on how the sunflower she transplanted goes - who knows, it may even be the tallest one in the competition!  

Here’s the video we made:

Making the most of the time we have