Meet The Commune..ity

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:31 Aug 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well it’s the beginning of another year and I’m back. This time I’ve come back with a gang and we are pumped for the season ahead.

In previous years, I entered under JameMcc but this year warrants a name change so I’ll be blogging under McLittin’s Garden. This will a collaboration between the McCallums and Littins.

Last year we sold up in Auckland and purchased a small lifestyle block in Kauri (Whangarei). Our build has sadly not started yet, and we will not be in our new home prior to the end of this challenge. We have been very blessed by the awesome Littin Family (friends) who have kindly allowed us to squat on their land. We have our caravan set up and small cabin which is very cosy to say the least. Living with friends has been awesome especially during lockdown as we are effectively one big bubble. We affectionately refer to the property as the commune.

So this year I’ll be helping out in their garden as well as doing some container gardening. It is gonna be an awesome season and I can’t wait to catch up with fellow gardeners from years past as well meeting new ones this year.

So without further ado, I shall introduce the gang.

The nutter with the chainsaw is me (James). Why a chainsaw you ask? Why not is my response.

Next to me wielding a pick axe is my amazing wife Rochelle. Always keen to get stuck in but just needs some guidance as to what is a plant and what is a weed.

Next to her with the loppers is Haven our daughter. She’s been gardening since a toddler. Her best gardening skill is eating everything before we get a chance to harvest it.

On the left and holding the spade is the wonderful mother hen (Tiffany) and baby Lorelai. All shall be revealed as to why she is mother hen in future posts. Best gardening success goes to Tiffany last year for her cherry tomatoes.

Then there is Sam the man with the pitch fork. Man of many talents who undoubtedly will be a driving force behind some cool gardening structures this year assuming he has learnt from our duct tape mistake last year!

Last but not least is Everleigh (oldest of the Littin children and ready to start school next year).  She’s already started planting all the seeds to get us started and pretty pumped to be growing her own food.

So this year we have joined to have some fun while growing food to feed the commune. As you can see from the photo, we don’t take things too seriously!

Meet The Commune..ity