Meet the neighbour nomination


Date:06 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours, Flowers

Whoa, I have some blog reading to catch up on over the past few days!

I'm absolutely loving reading each and every blog, you are all so inspiring, so this was not an easy task to choose just one person!

This year I'm going to nominate ruGrew. I appreciate how hard it is to get into the garden when you have a young baby, let alone finding he time to blog too! I love how she is introducing him to the garden so young, he's got a pretty inspirational mumma to teach him!

And who knows, in years to come we might be reading some blogs from ruGrew junior in the Yates spring challenge, which would be so cool!

Spring has really started to come to life in my garden, with daffodils out and the first of my tulips starting to flower.

Meet the neighbour nomination