Met and greet


Date:01 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours, Vegetables

Hi there happy gardeners, old and new. I'm looking forward to following each of your journeys and getting some great tips and ideas from you all. This is my second year joining the spring garden challenge and I did take away some helpful tips. 
My name is Levina aka Luvy, from the colder side of Mount Taranaki. My family and I own a 3 acre farm let which currently has sheep and chickens. Last lockdown I was fortunate enough to have rime off work so we built our new gardening area. This time not so lucky, but I'm slowly turning some land into hopefully what will be a market garden. I'm planning on creating a business from it. The property was once colonel Malones homestead called The Farlands, so Farlands Farm will be the name of the  business. I'm looking forward to shearing my ups and downs while we make the transition, and joining your journey with you. This is an amazing place to share ideas, tips and knowing your not the only one who has gardening issues.

Happy planting!!

Met and greet