Micro greens


Date:09 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Harvested my radish micro greens today, this is my 5th tray I've managed to grow successful, think it's a bit overcrowded but I'll be working in that. I've got some barassica mix growing at the moment to but they're not quite ready. They are high in vitamins and nutrients, beautiful flavours, easy to grow, super fast (6-8 days for radish) to grow. 
Micro green tips:

they need a black out period, cover them up from the sunlight for 1/3 of their life span (sowing-harvest).

*(stacking or having a weight on top to help force germinate the seeds while in the black out period)

Check to see if they started to germinate (fine hair roots look like mould, don't stress if you see this), once they have remove the weight and cover and place in partial shade for the 2/3 of its life.

Then full sun until they're ready to be added to your favourite salad, sandwiches or as a garnish. We've added ours to some mash potatoes and it was delicious 🤤 

Wash off the seed pods, give it a spin in a salad spinner if you have one or already try to get off as much water as you can before storing. I use ice cream containers or zip lock bags and it last for  a good week

Hope you found this helpful. 


Micro greens