Mini Challenge One

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:13 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours, Vegetables

Who can resist a little competition to recognise amazing gardens and help them be rewarded with more garden products! 

My nomination is for Mrs Muddy Toes.  I love greenhouse gardening and have furbabies in my garden too, so I'm always drawn to a cool greenhouse/puppy photo. I think she needs to win this challenge prize, to have more plants and pots filling her sparkly clean greenhouse (hopefully without as much mildew, and lots more growing - I have my fingers crossed for the same thing!)!   I too scrubbed my greenhouse after a successful cucumber season. We're about to build a glasshouse from recycled house windows, which has me so excited.

I live in Wellington and couldn't survive without my greenhouse. The weather is just too changeable! That said, on a windy night I have nightmares about the greenhouse taking flight, and have been known to wander down the garden at 3am to make sure she's still there - I even installed a light in her for this reason!

I look forward to following you all this gardening challenge, and making some new gardening friends that understand the fun and fails that is gardening.   I must be the newbie on the block with this , so you're all inspring me to share and participate in this fun challenge with a great community of gardeners.

Raining and howling winds here off I toddle to make sure my Greenhouse is still standing!  

Here's one of my garden buddies - Chief. He's 8 months old and the worst gardener ever, unless you count ripping out plants as gardening!  He disguises his mischief well with these angelic garden poses 😁. Actually that's not completely true - looking at this photo it screams MISCHIEF! He was only allowed in the greenhouse because he was supervised!   And he stole garden gloves moments later!

Mini Challenge One