Mini Challenge - Plan for Success

Gardener:Our Home Grown Journey

Date:23 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Plan for Success


This is one of my humble garden plans for the up coming season...

I have found since we have extended our growing space it's even more important to plan what's going where... this then gives me a idea of how much of what I need to sow. 

Our newest garden beds (which we finished last Spring) consist of 8 4m x 1.5m beds and 1 2m x 1m (these are what the plans in the photo are for).  We also have 4 4m x 1m beds plus a potato bed in what I call our top garden.  We grow all year round being in Northland and I have found this past year that planning has enabled us to grow 80-90% of the fruit and vegetables that my family consumes, as well as supplies a few friends and family as well.

Though my plans may not show it, I enjoy creating them...

Taking a moment to just sit in the garden (my happy place) with a piece of paper and pen. Scribbling down ideas and working out what is going to go where and envisioning what my Summer garden will look like and how much food it is going to produce for my family.  It's when I start to get excited about the change of seasons coming.

Mini Challenge - Plan for Success