Mini Challenge Two

Gardener:Homestead mama

Date:30 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Plan for Success

Planning. Truth be told I'm not there yet. I tend to look around at the space, seedlings in hand & decide then & there where they'll go. Chances are they'll be half eaten by the next morning anyway & I'll need to put something else in!

Our garden has been expanding slowly over the 3 years we've been here. This year I have more to plant than ever before & I'm feeling the pressure of not knowing where to put things. Especially those things like zucchini & melons that take up so much space!

My husband likes to dig a hole or prepare a garden (or duck coop or hen house or calf shelter) then get the things to fill it. I, on the other hand, like to surprise him with different trees or animals & then ask where WE should put them:)

So, this 'plan' (hopefully you can read it), was basically a photo of the current garden with where I think things will go - well a lot is there already. Problem is ... the potatoes, beans & tomatoes are in the same spot as last year. I'm hoping the 'back to eden' mulch will mean it won't be a problem.

When hubby is free, I'd like to move the chooks & take over their current space with more rows & trellises so I can move crops around & have a market style garden too. 

Sign off time: I've just transplanted my sunflowers & zinnias so I have spaces to fill in my seed trays :)

Have a happy weekend. It's October!!!

Mini Challenge Two