Mixing it up

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:11 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As I mentioned yesterday I am planting where ever it may fit , come harvest time the wonderfull jungle look will be here and the lushness of it all I look forward to , 

I finally pulled apart and spread out the compost I made last year , there has been a lot of raking and full wheel barrows to move , I planted sunflowers , corn and lobelia at one end courgettes along the back , cucumbers up one frame and golden sweet toms up the other , then some Oregon something ? Toms will check tag lol and egg plant interspaced between my perennial flowers and sweet peas , there are also Comfry , borage , rosemary , coriander , chives , tarragon and echinops , it's possible it will all be a hot mess but as long as it's productive I say bring it on . 

There was a heap of weeding to be done and the compost for next season has begun well and truely . 

and I finally have first hand experience that coffee grinds do in fact kill snails , I hope you can tell in the pic . 

plus a pic of the flower field that I really need to get the weed whacker on to . 

Mixing it up