Gardener:The flower lady

Date:02 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

With rain on the horizon I shot out and mowed section a and b sorted some seeds to sow this afternoon and remembered something I once read about banana peels and roses .

And since Jamison has decided bananas are the best and will eat at least 3 a day I decided to boil up the peels and spray on and dig the boiled up peels in at the base ,I must do some more research into the why its good other than the potassium level , so far the house smells like lovely sweet bananas , when the family come in the may be sad there is no cake .

I have also moved the strawberrys into these wee frames to make them easier to protect from birds .

and I know its very early for courgettes I have loads of seed and love a wee experiment so I plan to put 1 row in covererd with pea straw , 1 with hoops and plastic and 1 with hoops and frost cloth , I will post progress on each one .