My Garden Plan.


Date:05 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables


Obviously the 2nd Mini Challenge has already ended, but there was a technical issue, so I have decided to re-post my blog with another title anyway.

Here is my garden plan for this spring.

I look forward to easier garden planning next year, since I will only have to rotate a few crops around, and perhaps add some more vegetables if there is enough space.

Before writing out my plan, I went back over a companion planting list, double-checked the seeds I had, and measured my garden.

I am going to photocopy and laminate my plan, and then hole-punch it, so that I can keep it in my seed folder where it will be easily accessed.

I will definitely be taking note of what size the vegetables get to, so that I have a more accurate spacing guide in the following years.

Here is my list of plants per garden bed:

Bed 1

Lettuce,  Beetroot,  Carrots,  Leeks,  Tomatoes/Basil,  Cucumbers.

Bed 2

Potatoes,  Spring Onions,  Rocket,  Silverbeet,  Peas,  Beans,  Radishes,  Cucumbers.

Thank you Sarah for your time and help in trying to fix the problem!

Sorry I did not reply to your comment - I have not been on my mum's disqus again.

Thanks and happy gardening,



My Garden Plan.