My messy patch


Date:11 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've taken on Jens challenge to share my messy patch.

Funny enough it's a spot I see more than once a day, and been meaning to deal with it a long time ago. And yet,  after taking the picture I still haven't done anything about it lol!

Maybe this weekend it might get done, I've saved all my tunnel house jobs as it's suppose to rain for the next week plus!

As Sarah, Jen, Ruth and plenty of other people have pointed out, gardening isn't about having having the perfect garden, with no weeds to be seen. That isn't realistic.

It's about the journey of growing your own nutritious food to feed your family, friends and other people. For me, it's also my escape, a place where I don't have to think about anything, or where my plans are made, it's therapeutic and so important for my mental health. 

I don't know about you guys, but I know I'd be really sad if my garden was always perfect, as I'd have nothing to do!



My messy patch