My plants are starting to bolt!?!


Date:20 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE, Vegetables

Hello again.

Thank you Sarah/Yates for the free packet of seeds!

Yesterday I planted 110 seeds! - yes, I am behind.

I sowed carrotsiceberg lettucebeetrootspring onions, and leeks.

I had intended to grow extra vegetables to sell at markets, but I can see that won't be happening, so instead I will give my excess produce to some of our neighbours who don't have a garden.

My broad beans have a lot of pods, and since I am the only person in my family that will eat them, there should be plenty to give away.

I recently noticed that some of my bok choi is forming flower heads.  It must be the change in temperature causing it to bolt.

Please comment below if you have any recommendations for cooking bok choi.

I have transplanted my tomatoes into larger pots but they are still taking their time getting any bigger.

I am looking forward to having a good harvest.



My plants are starting to bolt!?!