New garden accessory!

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:26 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Feels like I have not been here for ages, and I certainly have quite a few blogs to catch up on! This Labour weekend I’ve spent installing and populating my hive. The good news is, my colony of bees seem docile. The bad news – it won’t be until late December that I can bring my hive home, missing out on some potentially valuable pollination. Doing a certified course in beekeeping means my hive has to be checked and assessed at the student apiary before it comes home. Also means, if I screw something up it will get corrected, and my bees won’t die :)

As fate would it have, my next beekeeping workshop is during the last frost date. So I’m still deciding if I will start planting some things out early or if I will wait to plant everything a bit later. There are over 40 plants to be planted out, but there are still a few more tasks that can be done beforehand (like planting the rest of the flowers out, more beans, sowing winter vegies etc. So I might just catch up on all the garden tasks first and schedule my Show Day planting bonanza for late November.

New garden accessory!