New garden, new challenges

Gardener:Hayes Whanau

Date:31 Aug 2021

Blog Type:Flowers


I am Ailsa.  Wife of an Engineer, and mother of 2 children, 13 and 7.  I have been brought up in a gardening family and consider myself an inconsistent but enthusiastic gardener. I will give most things a try but gardening has often taken a backseat when life got busy. 

We have been in our new home for 6 months.  It is very much a blank canvas with 3 empty raised beds and a couple of dahlias.

We moved from a 7 acre lifestyle block with a 1 acre garden filled with established trees, an orchard and 2 tunnel houses to an 800 square metre town section.  

Two ute and trailer loads of plants have come with us, as well as 6 chickens, a worm farm and a large container of seeds!

Downsizing was to make time for family, for hobbies and for slowing down.  Lockdown in a small space has been challenging but the garden has been a fantastic distraction and way to get some sun and fresh air.

The tunnel house has been ordered, the chook run constructed, and compost bin and worm farm in place.  Time to move some things around, gets some plants out of pots, sow some seeds and start this next gardening adventure.

My first task the week after moving in was to plant a small area just outside the dining area.  Sitting at the table and watching spring bulbs burst into life has been motivating and comforting.  Just as it is a new beginning for the plants, so it is for my family. 

I look forward to us growing in our new home and sharing our highs and lows along the way.

New garden, new challenges