New helper!

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:31 Aug 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hi I’m Ev (short for Evgeniya) and I was posting under Southern Gardener last year, but decided to change the name so that it’s easier to address me. I’m still very much in the South (cold Dunedin) and just started my PhD in History at Otago Uni.

My big news this year is that I’ve got a new furry helper! His name is Ronald, and he helps by walking over freshly planted rows, playing with the cultivator when I’m trying to weed, jumping on my lap or back when I’m planting the seeds and generally ignoring any boundaries around the garden.

I’ve got big plans for increasing our vegetable production this season. Proud to say that last season we were self-sufficient in carrots and spring onion X) now I just need to plant about double the amount of everything else! Any seeds that tolerate cold weather snaps are all in: parsnips, carrots, beetroot and a suspiciously large amount of golden ball turnips (I wanted to finish the packet). I have a feeling we will be self-sufficient in turnips this season :)

New helper!