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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:16 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

referred to as zone 2 it has a good amount of herbs each season , but does get super untidy as its the kind of inbetween zone , where most potting on happens , its between the tunnel house shade house and green house , nice and close to the house for those in the dark dashes when cooking dinnner .

Today I just did a basic tidy and think about the season to come , the wooden edge being untreated has really done its dash but instead of adding it to the burn pile as its full of fungi and housing all kinds of good bugs I added it to the least built up garden , more about that later .

I again got rid of rubbish , mowed did a bit of weeding and tipped out spent pots from last season and got rid of loads of slugs and snails who thought they had the best hiding spots .

My branching broccoli has begun to form and I did find and squash some wooly aphids well I think thats what they are called time to move the Yates guide back to the computer .

I see land grabs and much less grass in the future for this area .

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