No way your breaking on me again!


Date:07 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

What a stunning Southland day we've got today! 

I've just been out to tie up some of my tomato branches, which I'm sure I done not even a week ago! With both doors open plus the roof vent it was super hot in there, I had to go outside for a breather a couple of times! I have given myself a mental note of not to do this again in the middle of the day!

A couple of days ago I discovered a branch had snapped, I would say from the wind as it was a plant closest to the door. So I'm trying to be diligent with this now, and of course it was a branch with lots of fruit on it too!

Its fair to say my good work of taking the laterals off has now past, I'm sure I blink and five grow. So now I will just prune for airflow from now on in.

I will add a picture of when they were first planted in the comments

No way your breaking on me again!