Not to quick to tame

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:27 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

I am blessed with loads of space and for me I love tamed areas but the understanding of wild zones is just as important .

For bumble bees especially who winter over in over grown areas where they hunker down and emerge in spring .

It may sound like an excuse to be a tad lazy and I am all for that also , But now the bumbles are awake its time to tame , although for this area not to much the raamblng borage , calendula , coriander and violas will keep pleaseing the bees and of course are edible to , the roses , chives and bergamont will get a good weed and mulch and the swan plants will be planted out soon .

I also treat this area as a test patch kind of its own wee micro climate , a spot to try the mixed wild flower seeds to learn what thrives under a little neglect .

Its also next to the tunnel house and just before the orchard so a great spot for all the fab benificial guys to mingle and breed .

to the right is a lily patch then to the right of the lilies are raspberries and gooseberries , then a mixed fruit tree row after that , we have decided to change the fence line plan here so the sheep can help up with the clean up under the trees , I am looking forward to that and I am sure the sheep will to .

I did get a qoute from a fencer to put posts in but at $7 a post I will shop around that seems pretty high on top of the price of posts .

And with a glut of cauliflower at the moment we created what is essentially lasange minus the pasta , it was delicious .

Not to quick to tame