Nothing is Safe!


Date:14 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

...but I absolutely love it!

After coming back from a wonderful weekend away and a 4 hour car ride the first thing our little one did was crawl to the backdoor and start tapping the glass… his way of saying “I’ve been in the car too long, let me out!”


So out we went - it was only a few short weeks ago that I was able to put him on a picnic blanket, now I put him in the middle of the lawn, turn my back for a few seconds and he’s crawled over the lawn/garden barrier and is inspecting the pots I just stacked up after planting some zucchini out (Yates Partenon Hybrid)... and just like others I have planted out way too many - 6 plants to be exact - but I’m not sure if that makes it 4 plants too many or 3 plants too many… or just right!


Two seasons ago we had 1 plant and only got a handful of zucchini so last year we planted 3 plants and got a good amount… but we did have 4 adults in the house!

My goal for this season is to pick early and often - I’m aiming for NO MARROWS!!! 


And as for our little one - he will have no choice but to enjoy it… and I’ve already changed my talking with him from being ‘ooh there’s a left in your mouth, let’s get that out’ to ‘bark and pea straw, those must be some interesting texture you’re exploring, don’t forget to spit them out when you’re ready’ - so far so good!

Nothing is Safe!