Oops I missed the start… Again… And some small calamities


Date:31 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE, Vegetables

For the 3rd (perhaps longer?) year in a row I have missed the start of  the Yates Vegie Growing Challenge. I am very disappointed (and slightly angry) as I have done so much work in the garden and it would have been nice to show it all off especially since no one can come around and look at it in lockdown. 

The gardening had been going really well, until this week that is when a few things have gone wrong. First I dropped a tray of seedlings raised from seeds on their heads. It included my watermelon, chili and eggplant seedlings that are all about ready to go in the garden.  Luckily I managed to save at least one of each variety, some a little more bruised and crushed around the edges than others. I don't have time in the season to grow more of these varieties from seeds so fingers crossed they can recover well and I may still have spare to share with the neighbours.. but no promises.. but can always share the produce from said seedlings... if they survive... (small sob)

The second thing that happened, my prized built myself small glasshouse window-door glass shattered.  And I mean shattered. Now every time I look out the door into the garden I see a plastic bag taped up to a depressing hole in my one of a kind glasshouse.  I may have gone inside for the rest of the day and watched Netflix in a depression haze after my discovery. Please note this also happened two days after I broke a large window in the house. Again it was completely shattered.  I think I must have a poor technique for closing windows and really need a friendly non-judgemental glazier on autodial.

The third thing that happened was that the waste water gully trap overflowed down the side of our house. I am sure that is more than enough information about how my week went from sucky to just plain awful.

Any way next week is a new week.  May it only be better.



Oops I missed the start… Again… And some small calamities