Date:27 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is my second spring with a glasshouse now, and I’m loving it… BUT it isn't the same as starting my seedlings inside where they are safe from the frost!


I started some of my summer vegetable seeds quite early as I know we have a shorter growing season in Canterbury compared to our Northern friends so wanted to get a bit of a head start… which is fine and well when I check the overnight temperatures and kart the seedlings inside for anything below 1 degree.


However the last few frosty nights I haven’t been checking the weather until I am already tucked up in bed, which from there is very hard to get the motivation to go out in the cold to retrieve seedlings! … My ‘she’ll be right’ attitude hadn’t paid off and I have a few sad looking zucchini and corn plants (surprisingly my Tomatoes are still happy!), but only a few days on and they’re showing some new growth, so not all is lost!!


I always find myself walking the fine line between planning too early and not early enough… then on top of it is the unpredictable weather - it’s nearly a year since our mid-october hoar frost… I have my fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t happen again this year!