Our huge section


Date:29 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

EDIT: the space isn't quite as big as it looks in the picture, but still massive!

I keep saying how big our section is, so I thought I would show you.

Im standing at the fence line, facing out to the main big vege gardens and two newest beds, you may need to zoom to see them haha!

To the left is the two tunnel houses, greenhouse, and two more garden beds. There is a reasonably big space out there too, but we're unable to put any more gardens that side of the house as the tank etc are underground.

We also have two more beds for growing produce in the paddock (pumpkin and another small bed), as well as some fruit trees. Flower gardens along the house and by our driveway.

Even though I have a large vegetable garden, I wasn't joking when I said I could never fill our section up with gardens! Would be too much for me to enjoy at this stage. 

But my dream one day - when the kids are older, time is on my side, as well as money!! is to create more flower gardens in this huge space, plant more trees, and have paths and just generally make it more interesting. And of course a few more vege gardens wouldn't go amiss!

At the moment having it mostly in grass works well for our family, we've had many family games of soccer and cricket, and the kids love running around. So I shall wait, and in the mean time it will give me time to come up with plans and ideas of what I would like eventually.

I have also thought about how far we've come since buying the property. And I am super proud of all we have achieved. We've installed two tunnels houses and four new vege gardens, planted trees, as well as have done lots of work to the flowers gardens. I wish I had taken more photos of what the place was like when we moved in!

Our huge section