Out with the old


Date:02 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

One of the tasks I have set myself to complete this month is to rake up all our current paths between our garden beds ready to replace with new forest floor chip.


Our back veggie garden is made on the ground where an ‘on the top of the ground’ pool had been, and the ground was compacted and hard, which is what led us to decide to put something on the paths between the beds rather than try re-grass it. 


Our side veggie gardens used to have grass between the planters and the fence garden, but here in winter we nearly have a constant state of being boggy so each winter it just ended up being a mud trail, so we decided to add chip there too.


It has now been down for two years, and possibly could do one more year, but the purpose of it is to suppress weeds, and we’re starting to get some growing, so I have decided that it’s time for a new lot to be put on, and we’ll use this current mix of composted wood chip to form the base of some garden projects we’re planning on doing!

Out with the old