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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:28 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Plan for Success, Vegetables, Flowers

well it seems sundays are for planned and unplanned , having retreated inside on saturday because of the wild weather , we were determined to get the irrigation sorted so we did and now I have soooo much more planting space .

I got a tray of amarantus potted on and everything in pots got a good spray of yates thrive seaweed spray .

A tray of pumpkins and courgettes are potted on , and the onions are looking awesome , they have wee mixes of lettuce hitch hikers to that must have been blown around on the same day as the carrot seed , I am ok about it .

The ductch irises have begun and as always its the dwarf ones out first .

We got a bit of concreteing done on the man cave , we are building it a bit unconventionally but builder hubby knows what hes doing and having a roof to work under though adverse weather sure is a bonus .

Then we got home for the supermarket to discover some lost chicks , so now on top of everything else , I am a chick mum to .

peep peep peep