Plant update and pumpkin problems.


Date:16 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hello again!

It has been very windy around our place this last month, (5 mature trees have come down on neighbouring properties this winter) so I've had to water my garden more than normal since it kept drying out. 

And today we had temporary flooding, but the wind has finally died down (for now).

I am pretty happy to say that 39/54 of my tomatoes have sprouted.

I am growing so many tomatoes so that my family (of 8) can have fresh tomatoes and the rest will be canned for tomato sauce.

Also, all three of my rocket seeds have germinated.

But, I only have 12 baby beets because some of my younger siblings ran through my garden not knowing I had seeds planted there.  I will have to teach them about not compacting soil in garden beds!

Last year I had a few pumpkins self-seed in my compost bin, and they looked very healthy with some of the leaves reaching up to 43cm across, but nearly all of the pumpkins were around 1/3 of that variety's normal size.  They were also slightly red in colour compared to the normal blue-gray. 

Has anyone else had a problem like this or have any suggestions so that I can avoid it happening this year?

Thank you and may God bless your gardens,


Plant update and pumpkin problems.