Productive Start!


Date:04 Dec 2021

If you ever get the chance to hire a mini-digger I highly recommend!!

Our deck has been overdue for a replacement and with our little one on the move, we decided it was now or never! (Well probably not never, but before he got splinters!)

What's exciting about this is we've removed a whole lot of top soil which we can use! It's going to be moved down the side of the house where our current glorious patch of weeds are growing super well (haha) which will be our natives section - I'm already looking forward to this time next year when it should be stating to take shape!


One interesting thing though was how absolutely bone dry it all was - we've been having a bit of rain recently - but it's all been quite misty - I thought it would have penetrated a bit, but it really hasn't! I'm not one for watering the lawn, but after seeing this I might need to give it a soak.

Productive Start!