Pumpkin in cow patty update


Date:29 Jan 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

For all the new people joining the community - this season I decided to plant my pumpkins in aged cow manure that my hubby kindly raked into a pile for me, plus I added some soil.

It's fair to say it's going well! Although I am experiencing some rotting, but I think that will be due to all the rain?

Hubby fenced off the pumpkin patch to stop sheep that graze in the paddock nibbling at the foliage. So I decided to pop some cardboard down where the long grass was growing around them so I could find them, and it's worked a treat.

One problem. I bought the kids some Yates Behemoth giant pumpkins and planted them in the same patch. Now I have no idea what is what as they have all entwined on top of each other. As your suppose to just leave one or two pumpkins to grow on each vine so they grow huge! I have some sort of idea/clue compared to the other varieties that I'm growing, that those vines are yellowish? If somebody can confirm for me?

Nevermind, always things to learn and change in the garden for the next season!

And my apologies for my two similar posts this year, as I didn't think my blogs worked!

Pumpkin in cow patty update