Rain, lambs and soggy gardens


Date:01 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hi Im Charlie, coming along with me on my garden journey is my children Leroy 6 and Delilah 4, and a reluctant by sometimes helpful hubby.

Spring has sprung, and I can almost see the garden growing. Its nice to look out upon the garden and see that something has changed for the better.

Winter was hard on my garden, mainly due to chickens and sheep thinking my gardens looked far better to eat than their own paddocks. So my poor broad beans and brussel sprouts are only just seeming to get ahead in life after been eaten and squished many a time. The chicken population has been reduced with 15+ roosters going in the freezer and the girls getting their wings clipped to keep them in their designated area. (thou there are still a few to catch and clip).

We have a very wet few days and parts of our property have been flooded. The children did like this greatly. Luckily all my gardens are raised so they all survived. 

My seed raising table is coming to life with new plant babies popping their heads thru daily. Latest to pop thru is Spinach - Baby Boom, must to my husbands disgust.

Waiting on my order of seeds to arrive, they are caught up in the post with the Covid-19 Lockdown. Funilly enough thou of all my online orders alcohol was the first to arrive followed by a canvas print for fathers day, still waiting on seeds, winter clothing, and a book.

Lambs we have 1 live lamb on the ground, another girl needed help birthing and sadly her lamb did not survive.

Looking forward to this years challenge, we didnt do it last year due to work commitments, and the garden being neglected on and off.

Rain, lambs and soggy gardens