Reflection and Merry Christmas!


Date:09 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Gosh you guys are lucky, I really don't like taking selfies!

I can't believe this is the last day of the challenge! It feels like its not long started, but I guess it's because we have all been so busy in our gardens!

I have been reflecting on my own garden lately. I've had plenty of highs, but also things that didn't work, or aren't working so well this season. I have a few things I need to change for next season. But that is the cool thing about gardening, always new things to learn or learn by trial and error.

My top three fails:

- beans. They need shelter and haven't done too well this year and for the most part that is the reason. And do not sow bean seeds so early Stacey!!!!!

- my carrots have struggled to germinate this year. Perhaps I need to be keeping the ground more damp to give them a better chance.

- my cucumbers need some sort of shade from the sun in the tunnel house. I'm certain that is what has been wrong with mine. Thinking about other years, I've always had other tall plants in the tunnel house to give them some protection. I think I might have to look into shade cloth.


And my highs;

- capsicums and chillis are going really, really well! Even though I'm battling the odd plant with aphids. I usually struggle growing these two things

- brassicas! After a shaky start I've managed to bring them back to life, and they are thriving! We've been eating broccoli for weeks now, and I harvested our first cabbage and cauli from the patch today

- tomatoes are all looking healthy and great (so far!)

I have also learnt so much from all of you!!! So thank you for sharing your gardens and your tips and tricks. You are all so knowledgeable, kind and amazing gardeners! You guys are about the only people in my life who get excited with me about worm pee or sheep manure!

And thank you to Sarah and Yates for giving us this platform to share our gardens with like minded people. And to leave it open all year around is amazing! I think otherwise I'd feel like this was a breakup!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Christmas, and get to spend time with your loved ones (and gardens!)

Merry Christmas! 


Reflection and Merry Christmas!