Salad garden going crazy!


Date:06 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

The newest garden bed is going crazy with growth! It has also been a bed of trying new things.

As I've blogged about before, I trialed direct sowing some seeds I usually sow in pots then transplant. Those being - beetroot, spinach, silverbeet and rocket. I loved the results so much that I am going to continue to sow the seed that way, well at least when the soil is warm anyway.

I have also popped some lettuce seed in, and am excited to see the results of those!

I also trialed direct sowing mesclun mixes vs starting in pots. And again, I prefer to direct sow those, as it saved so much time with transplanting. I thought they may not do that well, as I was probably a little heavy handed with the seeds, but everything is going so well.

I think hubby is going to be sick of salads any day now! 


Salad garden going crazy!