Second for the day

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:02 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sorry team second post of the day but I had such a lovely garden sess , I clearly needed a wee break it got to much just going though the motions and forgetting to truely look at everthing and ponder .

So On my wonder I discovered the peas have well and truely begun its amazing the difference 3 days make .

The strawberry sninach had started poking though the bird netting so I put a couple of buckets of bamboo steaks to hold the hight but still give some kind of protection .

My capsicum a few toms and some egg plant were under lights for a week and the growth was amazing , I have been weary about hardening them off but they are doing great .

I realised its neally time to pull all the brassicas to make way for summer vege so I need to put a fair bit in the frezzor , On this note I have a few branching broccolli that sees us though , we also use the flowers in salads or a sprinkling over any thing savoury .

One will also be left for seed .

Once thats done we will top up the beds and summer vege will go in .

We are all in such a strange head space with all this covid stuff please be kind to yourself ,often we are so busy caring for everything we neglect ourselves , Self care for mental health is essential 

Second for the day