Seeds are growing up!


Date:03 Nov 2021

Well my wee seeds are not so wee now! I've attached a pic taken last week, but there is even more green now.

Just waiting for capsicum and chilli to show faces...but as it's 0 degree here at the moment I am not surprised they're still snuggled up!

I'd planned on sowing more lettuce over the weekend but it was a bit windy. Not usually an excuse but I have had wind blown iceberg lettuces grow in the lawn was an interesting lawn feature but I don't recommend it!

Just got a few more summer bulbs to plant out. Waiting for my spring bulbs to die back do I can remove leaves and tidy up gardens. I always think it's the worst when they stop flowering and you just have masses of leaves. But I know patience means another pretty display next year!

There is also a bald patch in garden where I got a bit too enthusiastic using weed killer on a nasty plant a few years back. 😳  I see the plant is coming back and weeds are growing so I might try some wildflowers there. 

Happy gardening everyone!

Seeds are growing up!