Self confessed lazy gardener

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:14 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I am a self confessed lazy gardener often under the quise of permiculture or organic practices , ie seed saving that gets left a bit long and seed germinates for the next round .

But in this case still seed related but I just kind of chuck them in no individual seed by seed method , just a bit of a scrap around to make sure they have enough space .

But my top tips for success 

Check if your seeds require light for germination , ones that don't gover with a board or cloth check regualry 

Do not sow seeds to deep especially the tiny ones , often I do not cover at all .

Super hard seed soak for 12 to 24 hours things like lupins , kowhai etc .

Always water the soil before planting press soil down I use a piece of wood , this just makes it easier to see the seed once dropped on the soil , water after to a spray waterer is best as its less dispuptive .

Protect often if you are really struggling a pesky pest has either stolen your seed think mice sometimes bird or your seed has germinated and a snail or slug has eaten it .

As seed raising mixes is not full of food as its just for germiating do not forget to feed , my first choice is seaweed based .

Most seeds need heat , I use a glass door fridge which being a smaller space has a quicker germination time , I also have a green house which I love and need to add more shelves .

But most importantly do not get discorouged if you fail its a lesson not the end and change how you do it next time .

I have finally gotten my solidago (golden rod ) to germinate after the 3rd time .

We had a massive weekend being social on Saturday and helping friends with a huge wattle that had come down in recent storms , that pollen is one thing that makes me feel terrible but I am glad to be feeling heaps better and hope to get heaps done this week despite all the rain on the forcast .

And of course a flower foot note our irises have begun .

Self confessed lazy gardener