She was a big job


Date:08 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

About a month ago I bubble wrapped the inside of my green house/ potting up shed. I put all my seedlings in there to do their thang, before planting out. With the exception of the heat loving babies which off course I start inside. I chose the bubblewrap with the biggest holes to let as much light in as possible. 

Last year there was a later than normal snow storm pass through, so I was frantically wrapping the shelving with frost cloth and plastic to try and keep everything happy and as warm as possible. It worked, but something I do not want to repeat!

Thanks to the lovely community here, somebody, and if my memory serves me right it was Sarah, who suggested bubble wrap, so thank you!

This year I wasn't taking any chances with what happened last year, and my main mission in winter was to get that done.

So whilst my husband was putting up our new tunnel house, I needed to be on hand to pass things and hold things, I decided that was a good time to get that job done. But boy did I underestimate how long it would take! Especially with me being vertically challenged!

Unfortunately, with the first tape I used it didn't hold up the bubble wrap over night so I had to do a mad dash to mitre10 to find something better and waterproof. 

A month or so on and the tape is holding up, but is far from a permanent solution, if anybody has any better solutions to hold it in place, I'd appreciate your suggestions! 



She was a big job