Snip, snip


Date:23 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

Miss 4 is feeling much better, so we got outside today which felt great!

We have been tackling the flower gardens which don't seem to take long to look messy again.

I gave her some scissors to do some rose dead heading, while I weeded. And she done a great job of trying to cut only the dead roses - although I'm sure some good flowers got the snip too haha. Please excuse her artwork on her arm!

The vege garden is just doing it's thing at the moment, and when I've managed to get into it, it's just a matter of watering, feeding and keeping the weeds at bay.

Sarah - I noticed my last post jumps to one of Jens posts. I think it's because the first title I put was the same as hers, I then changed it and it made no difference! I hope it wasn't my fault for breaking the community group for a bit 😬

Snip, snip