Date:07 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Meet my drum of workers. Soil bacteria. I discovered David Trood and his "the weedy garden" youtube channel last year.

This is his first video and his recipe for making soil bacteria (recipe starts at 8.19). So easy, and it makes so much! I add just a cup to each watering can of water when I am planting new plants. I have no idea if its working - but it does smell delicious.... even a whole year later. 

I have filled my buckets of biochar with water and added a few cups of this brew. I have asked Tim to please pee in the buckets when he feels so inclined - as urine is apparently a great activator as well. I have covered the buckets and will wait a couple of weeks. 

I am keen to brew some more buckets of soil workers this season and wonder what other gardeners do for "tea" recipes??