Some el cheapo solutions

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:12 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Inspired by Homestead Mama’s post about her double-glazed cold frame, I’ve made my own el cheapo temporary cold frame. Fun fact: the bricks are from an old chimney over 100 years old. The glass I think is leftover from a 70s glass house (which is now glassless house that will house this year’s tomatoes). Never used a cold frame before but it works! The seedlings I’ve placed there are way more perky than if I’d just planted them straight outside :)

Other than that, it has been a busy weekend away at a beekeeping course, so watch this space!

Inside seedlings are starting to come up, after waiting for two weeks for cucurbits I am relieved to start seeing them pop up. However, second year running have trouble with Butternut pumpkins. Starting to think they prefer warmer temperatures than other types of pumpkins? Has anyone else tries growing butternuts?

Some el cheapo solutions