Spot a cat

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:04 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Ronald the cat turned out to be a great garden companion, he always follows me around when I’m outside and participates in every way he can (which is not always handy but sure is a laugh). His favourite thing lately has been finding bare spots in the vegie patch and then rolling in the dirt, as if he were a chicken taking a dust bath!

Not many bare spots left, however. I would love to say its because of crops, but, alas, weeds are really starting to take over. I weeded carrot and beetroot bed just last week and now its overgrown again so you can’t even see the carrots. Coriander is a real pest – my fault- should not have scattered seed with abandon in winter. I was hoping it will just germinate haphazardly and I will have a small selection of coriander ‘weeds’. Instead, it ALL GREW. There is coriander EVRYWHERE. I’ve been potting up some as seedlings and giving away to work colleagues. But I think I have to give up on using it all and just get rid of some outright before it self-seeds and takes over the garden, the street and eventually over Dunedin. The horror.

Plans for weekend: weeding, lots of weeding :)

Spot a cat