Spreydon Sunflower Competition


Date:30 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

While participating in this competition, I'm running another one... a Sunflower Growing Competition!


We kicked this year's competition off last weekend with neighbours getting together to sort out and hand out flyers, and before the end of the week we had 1300 flyers handed out (approximately 17000 seeds), I have more seeds which people can pick up from my letterbox, and a local cafe has got on board and they have been saving their coffee cups to now pot up seeds to give away free when people buy a coffee.


We have received community board funding to purchase the seeds and pay for printing, and from there we get sponsorship for prizes, it all ends with a community picnic at the local park and a prizegiving.


It's our third year running it, and I know it will be the best year yet!! 


Does anyone else get involved in any community/family/school growing competitions? 


Spreydon Sunflower Competition