Spring cleaning

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:15 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

After a clean out of the green house yesterday it seems only fair that the tunnel house was next .

I started by weeding , pruning and getting rid of any accumulated junk moving things that can now go in the new garden shed , which still needs more shelves and storage but it will all happen in good time .

Next was tieing up the sweet peas , this year I have added a perenial sweet pea to the mixes , I am trialling it for the field , I try to master something in a small way first because its exspensive to start out big .

Then it was time to check for bugs to which I only found a couple of white fly , I am thinking that by planting a very late lot of marigolds , allysum and nastursium , I am pretty sure that the white fly overwintered on the nustursium and I pulled it out and fed to the pigs , I thin put a very light dusting of potash , just from the fire as we only burn pine , walnut and peach eucalyptus and macro , I really think I may be on top of the white fly finally I have been trying loads of earth friendly permiculture goodness , and been patient , Its paying off the ladybugs are in the tunnel house early , I am wrapped and over all it was a much nicer experience .

There are some big empty spaces in here that we have added several wheel barrow loads of home made compost , I have been watering and will wait for the weed seeds to germinate so I can hoe over the top before sowing seeds or planting seedlings .

I wanted some nice soft ties to tie up the sweet peas so cut up a couple of old t shirts , I like to recycle things and cotton t shirts are perfect , they are soft and once to far gone the compost well .

I have taken down the chicken wire as I have decided to get more reinforcing mesh , mostly because we are not yet ready to pop out the sides for the tunnel house make over but after around 15 years up the side are haging in there just . 

The brassicas are quickly growing as the light and heat are a little longer , the sugar snap peas are cranking along and it wont be long till the sweet peas are flowering .

There are a couple of carrots loads of siverbeet and the odd beetroot which will be eaten in the next few days . 

Bring on the summer jungle :)

Spring cleaning