Spring is back


Date:30 Aug 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I didn't realise people were still posting updates on their gardens! Bit of catching up on reading to do. 
Well it was another wet and windy winter here in Taranaki, had a few decent frosts which almost wiped out my tamarillo tree. I was a bit eager to get some seeds in so I've already potted  up my spring seeds in the tunnel house. Physical the garden hasn't changed much, but I've started to branch out on what I can grow. Trying different varieties and hopefully I'll have some infrastructure set up to start a small market garden. I've been working on preparing a 9x15mtr bed, ordered a 30,000ltr tank for watering and have ordered seeds. Hopefully I'll be up and running a small business with it by April 2022.

Happy Gardening everyone!! 

Spring is back