Starting from Seed


Date:07 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The last few days our dining room table has been filled without seed packets, which is the second time this month because the first time I had to hurriedly pack them away so they didn’t get returned in any kind of order - but looking at a silver lining of lockdown, we can’t have people over so I can take over the table!


I really enjoy growing from seed - one of the main reasons is being able to get different varieties of plants that you can’t just buy off the shelves at the garden store - it’s also cheaper and so much more satisfying… going and looking at the seeds every day (often more than once) to see what has popped up now and how much bigger the seedlings have got!


I’ve ordered my seeds in what I have already planted (far right), what I want to slowly plant next (middle), and flowers to the left - I really need to ‘up my flower game’ - I do love flowers, but since I can’t eat them (well some we can), they always become an afterthought - but for the bees, butterflies and bouquets, I will endeavor to have some more flowers this year!

Starting from Seed