Straight carrots, and wonky rows


Date:03 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today I've been thinning out some carrots I'm growing in a large tub, unfortunately most of the carrots in my garden have gone to seed.

I do my thinning out when they are a lot bigger and eat those ones as baby carrots, and let the others left grow bigger. These were grown with quite a bit of sand added to the soil, and as you can see they are fairly straight!

Ive also direct sown some mesclun mixes into my new garden bed. I've also planted in there some spinach, silverbeet, lettuce and beetroot seedlings. All these seedlings are smaller than I usually like to plant them out, but they weren't looking the healthiest, so instead of repotting them I bit the bullet and decided to just plant them.

I really need to work on my rows being straight, I get into the zone of just getting them in, and they end up all wonky. By the time I got to the end, I realised I could have planted another row inbetween rows, about half way down the bed! I had some seedlings left over so I managed to put them in to fill the gaps.

I wanted to sow some more seeds direct, but the wind came up so I canned that idea, hopefully tomorrow's  job. Carrots being one of those, as the seeds I planted a while ago have only germinated in one patch, so I need to sow some fresh seed.


Straight carrots, and wonky rows