Summer seeds are in!


Date:04 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hubby has extending our bubble with his brother who is busy lambing on his farm and needed an extra hand. Our budding farmer Master 6 has gone with him these past few days to help. So it's just Miss 3 and myself home.

I like to sow my seeds with out any distractions, as I have been known to carefully tend to seeds I have realised I haven't even sown! With lockdown, hubby being away and the need to get them in ASAP, so my eldest daughter doesn't need to baby them so much when we are away next month, I don't have time on my side this year unfortunately.

Miss 3 didn't think standing in the greenhouse with me sounded like a fun plan, so I had to bring everything inside to sow the rest of my summer seeds.

Leaving her un-attended to do her own thing was not an option, besides the obvious reasons, yesterday while I was vacuuming up the hall way she managed to find the hot glue gun. Thankfully, I caught her in the act before she had the chance to cause any distruction! 

So along with my assistant who helped off and on, we got all the summer seeds I needed to get in sown. I've planted between 6 and 10 'spare' plants of everything I've worked out I need, to make up for the losses I may lose, then what's left I can give away. 

In the comments I've added a photo of Miss 3 feeding our pet lamb Fluffy 🐑 



Summer seeds are in!