Date:16 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Here we have Tiger cat modelling my new vege washing station!

Hubby has done a great job, it's very sturdy and made to order for my height (which is 5 foot not much lol). He's left enough space for a tub to go under the sink part to catch the water for me to reuse on the garden.

We're on tank water and if we have a dry summer we are always running out of water, so it's nice to be able to save water where we can. We are super lucky to have a bore too, that two thirds of my gardening taps run from.

We decided to put the bench there on the stones, a hose fitting is just there, and its nice and close to the house (without making a mess too close to it). 

I'm beyond happy with my score and the awesome job my husband has done making it on legs. It is going to have many different uses, including a nice place for Tiger to catch the sun rays!