Tackling the big jobs

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:07 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

This is our flexi tunnel when we purchased the farm and my Dad admitted he was getting old hes now 88 he wanted a space for him so this was it , He is one tough cookie but has admitted he would like to pass the space over , which is both sad and exciting watching my Dad age so quickly is poos , but while he is still here I want to fill this flexi tunnel with flowers to make him proud .

So aside from the watering I finally got around to a bit of weeding a compost pile and started the no dig down one side , Its only ever had tuber roses in and they need to come out so I can rectify the soil , I aim to put in 4 possibly 5 raised beds only the hight of boxing timber but it should help make it easier to take care of .

It was so hot in there and so windy outside I really didn't get much done , but have been thinking of a drip line in the soon to be new beds and over heads to cool things down if I need to work in there when its hot .

And our tulips have begun flowering which is always a highlight .

Tackling the big jobs