The Battle is ON!


Date:02 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is the second spring we have had a glasshouse, and one thing that stopped me getting one sooner was that on forums I would always see people asking how to get rid of whitefly and aphids as they always seemed to make their way in… we were lucky in our first year not to get any, but this spring the whitefly and aphids have decided to show their face!


Rather than using spray I’m using bio force which is a biological way of controlling pests - I have ne for the whitefly and one for the aphids - I’m looking forward to seeing the results!


On top of the whitefly and aphids in the glasshouse, the dinosaurs have made their way in - luckily they are currently being helpful rather than a hindrance! Hopefully this continues throughout Dinovember!


Has anyone else tired bio force products?

The Battle is ON!